Friday, May 30, 2008

Shoot the Pump!

I was trying to think of some other quintessentially "New York" songs and this one came to mind. And like "Grand Central Shuffle" its an "activity-song" where the song exhorts the listener to learn how to do this activity and while it might not resemble a dance, in both cases you can shake your booty while shuffling through Grand Central or liberating a fire hydrant.

J. Walter Negro & the Loose Jointz - Shoot the Pump
I couldn't find the original 12" Picture sleeve image (it's packed in a box), I remembered that the song was recently comped by Soul Jazz, which is the image here to your left. I was thinking about writing about this song, but its been done better by others before, both here and here and if you can track down the issue of Wax Poetics, Alan Leeds, former manager of the Loose Jointz, not to mention the road manager for James Brown and Prince, wrote a nice piece about the song. It was after reading Alan's words that I tracked it down for myself at this fine retail vinyl establishment.

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Undercover Black Man said...

Thanks for the linkage! Classic New York track for sure!