Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brazilian Fire or Fizzle?

I'm gonna make this a quick post . . . In honor of my good friend Bradley who will be heading down to Brazil soon for a great journalistic expedition, I'm posting some tunes from a forthcoming mix that I'm working on. I personally love all four of these songs, but if you feel like chiming in let me know if you like, really like, kinda like or don't like these songs. Strong suggestions either way will influence my decision to include them on the upcoming mix.

Emilio Santiago - O Amigo de Nova York
I was considering bidding on this one when the bidding was in the $30 range, but then it got kinda crazy.

Abaete - Pisa no Tabuado
An all-time favorite of mine that I got off an early Greg Caz comp then managed to track down in Brazil on the vinyl.

Taxi - Melo da Garrafa
Smooth Brazilian funk produced by Lincoln Olivetti. Love the groove here.

Jorge Ben(jor) - Para Que Digladiar
One of the last great Jorge Ben albums and my favorite track off of this album.

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verystupidhead said...

All great... I only have the Jorge Ben single...for me a 5 star collection Muito Obrigado !!