Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New York's Movin'

Did anyone else have "Native New Yorker" stuck in their heads all day yesterday? I thought I might hit you with my own slice of New York city songs as a response:

Laura Greene - Manhattan Much like the aforementioned Odyssey track it takes a smidgeon of effort to get past the silly lyrics and disco production, but this song will get you.

Ahzz - New York's Movin'This was Ahzz's only release as far as I can tell and it sort of screams studio band. Not to brag or anything but I got this record for a dollar here in portland and I was pretty excited as I was just getting into the Peter Brown constellation of labels (Land of Hits, Queen Constance, Heavenly Star, Sound of New York, Golden Flamingo, P&P, etc.) Unfortunately I discovered a few days later it had been bootlegged in 2004. (The non bootlegged version has slightly different colors, and a ring indentation if you care...) This is the instrumental, the A side has repetitive squeaky vocals that would annoy you.

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