Friday, May 30, 2008

Grand Central Shuffle

Hey, Morgan you think you can keep the NYC tunes coming? Here's a couple more for ya'll to dig on.
Just the other day I was mailing out some eBay auctions to all corners of the world and I was too late to make it to my neighborhood post-office so I trucked into Manhattan to go to the post office next to Grand Central Station which is open later than normal. If you've never been, Grand Central is the definition of BUSTLING with thousands of people walking in every direction. You know how when you look at ants from our towering human heights and they look so efficient - 'how do they not run into each other?' - this is what I imagine Grand Central Station looks like from 1000 feet up.

It was rush hour and I was trying to weave my way through the crowd, adjusting the length of my stride and footwork to get around slower people while dodging others walking faster than me. It occurred to me, it's almost like a dance! And then it hit me, the Johnny Griffith Inc. song, "Grand Central Shuffle"! I had always thought this was just a cool name for a song, like "Central Park Shuffle" or something, but I think Griffith was actually referring to the peculiar dance that is navigating the station at rush hour. That being said, it's no wonder it never broke out as a national dance craze, but its a hell of a proto-disc funk tune. Dig it.

Grand Central Shuffle - Johnny Griffith Inc.
I first heard this song off of a Brazilian DJ comp assembled by Brazil's most famous Disc Jockey, Big Boy (you can read a bit about him in my article about the Black Rio Movement). His compilation on RCA pulled together a very random assortment of soul, funk and rock including this semi-rare nugget by occasional Motown Funk Brother Johnny Griffith.

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