Thursday, May 01, 2008

Disco Monster #4: 'Risco' Bidness

With this fourth "Disco Monster" I want to highlight a blog that I've been digging lately: "TJ Gorton's American Athlete". TJ's been keeping the Emerald City (Seattle, for all of you who don't know) in boogie shoes for a minute now. As a fellow Pacific Northwesterner I can appreciate his efforts and I hope to get a chance to check out one of his nights in the near future. His original post from where I snagged these songs is here.

Risco Connection - Ain't No Stopping Us Now
I first heard this song on "David Mancuso Presents the Loft" compilation, which used the "version" instead of this version featured here, and its been on my radar ever since. Somehow Joe Issacs managed to take an already HUGE hit and reinject it with new life with some island percussion and a slightly different arrangement.

Risco Connection - I'm Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair)
I didn't realize that I had already heard this song as well from a different compilation, Chairman Mao's "Run for Cover". When I heard it again recently I recognized that dubby "Risco" sound and realized that this was who covered the original Inner Life song.

Anyways, enjoy these disco monsters and check out TJ's blog for more sexy, funky dance tunes.

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