Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Technical Difficulties . . .

Hello SS readers, I want to apologize for not posting recently. As you may remember I recently embarked on a cross-continental relocation from New York City to the city by the bay, San Francisco. I have landed on my feet out here and even nailed down a killer apartment in the quaint and semi-gentrified neighborhood of Bernal Heights. However, I can't move in until August 1st and sadly I packed some of my computer cables into the storage unit which I cannot access until we unload at the end of the this month.

I have a few goodies on my girlfriend's computer, much to her chagrin, that I might post only after I feel I've made sufficient daily attempts to secure a real job . . . needless to say we'll be back up and running in August with some nice vinyl scores from the road trip.

Let's hope Mr. Morgan continues with his posts in the meantime . . .


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