Monday, June 23, 2008

Tony Valor, Touch and others part two

Today I'm going to highlight a rather unusual album that found its way to me through a reliably serendipitous source: my current roommate, dj partner, and brother to the Ambassador, Charles. This dude knows jams! He also has this way of finding rare shit without even trying and has bragged to me on several occasions that he has never spent more then 20$ on a record. Now don't get me wrong, he works for it. Whenever we walk into a spot together I always scan the pricey wall records and check the new arrivals, while Chuck immediately gets on his hands and knees and starts getting dirty with the crates on the floor. He has a thing for K-Tel comps and house band disco cover albums. I believe he picked this gem up during his tenure in Detroit. Its a triple (!) LP disco instructional record complete with foot charts and overdubbed voices giving cues on when to move your feet. Thank God the producers of this album were kind enough to provide a third record with just the songs for you to dance to. Imagine my delight when I noticed the producer of this album was none other then Tony Valor! This was released in 1976 (prior to the majority of his creative output) and featured Touch on several tracks as well as MaryAnn Farra, The Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra (TVSO), and several other no-name Valor produced acts.

Santos - Amore Santos This is one of those no-namers. Anyone out there ever see the "Santos" album? Didn't think so.

Touch - Positively Positive This song just KILLS me. We had been really into the Santos song for a while before Charlie flipped the record over late one night saying he thought there might be something else good on the other side. Was there! BTW if anyone out there recognizes the vocalist please let me know. It might be Maryann Farra, but I kind of don't think so for some reason...


fritz the cat said...

128 kbps.... you tease

Gerry said...

Three versions of the same tune -- Tony really lacks creativity, doesn't he?