Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dream Team . . . Complete!

A quick welcome to our newest contributor, Radio Rios, whose a friend through Wax Poetics. A couple years back when I had just published my second article in WP, the Black Rio one, I was popping into the WP office and ran into this young guy who was interning for the magazine. He asked me what I had written for the mag and when I told him my latest, he mentioned that he had been traveling through Brazil when that issue dropped and so he radioed home to NYC and had his Moms send the issue to him in Brazil so that he could read up on the names and sounds to look out for. Damn! You just hope people manage to make it through the lengthy prose, so that's a huge compliment. Rios and DJ Okay, aka Kevin, took over my regular night in Brooklyn upon my move to the Best Coast. I'm sure Rios will post a little something the next time he and Kev are throwing down in Brooklyn.

Welcome, Rios, and check out his blog which is in the blog roll here as Dibble Dabbling.

re: the dream team photo . . . no offense should be taken about who is who here, though x-ing out Karl "thug-life" Malone was no accident. Repping from Portland, we have no love for Malone and all that Jazz.

And hell, since I made it I get to be MJ.

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Josh Nice said...

that's messed up, making me barkley. but i guess someone had to do it.