Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ok, Let's bring out the robots

I know this is a 180 from my last post and I kind of feel like I might catch mega shit from certain persons for dropping these tracks - after all the blog is called SOULspectrum, but whatever. I think these are pretty tasteful though and maybe even a confirmed techno hater could get into it. I don't own a ton of this kind of music, only really cuts I feel will mix well with my own disco oriented sound. A little vocoder never hurt a dance party!

Hipnosis - End Theme (Blade Runner) Yep, this cover of Vangelis's theme music is pretty catchy. I just got this in the mail off ebay yesterday so i'm excited about it. I found it on the cheap by searching for what I know to be the "A" side, Pulstar. Fortunatly for me, it had the right song on the other side!

Kano - I'm Ready This is an old favorite of mine. I even got some punks to dance to this once! Pretty futuristic for 1980.

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josh said...

tha kano track is blaze-o-riffic!