Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Theme of the day: Brazilian Psych-Folk Flute Solos

Wow, its hot as F here in Portland today and the laptop is burning a bit of a hole in my lap so I'm going to make this brief... Due to the heatwave, Moroder is going to have to wait yet again as dance music does nothing for me in plus 90 degree temperatures. In fact, I'm sitting in my room with the shades drawn in front of a fan drinking ice water and listening to these quiet flute jams. Give it a try:

Secos & Molhados - Rosa De Hiroshima

Secos & Molhados - O Patrao Nosso Cada Jia
This whole album is really pretty incredible and well worth including in your collection. I know the vocalist sounds like a lady but its a dude. That was his thing. Although they only had two albums before singer Ney Matogrosso moved on to other projects, they remain influential. Also they knew how to use the FLUTE.

A Barca Do Sol - Hotel Colonial
Definitely one of my jams here. I was lucky enough to snag this album, Durante O Verao last winter. Its a deep, earthy, sophisticated affair. I love how the flute comes in over the strummed guitars and arrangements before it goes into the psych breakdown/freakout. Sweet.


the ambassador said...

yo, morgan . . . you don't like Assim Asado off of the Secos album? That's my jam and I believe there's some flute in there. That album really has grown on me. Just need to get their second one now.

Morgan said...

Oh thats a jam for sure. It was between that one and "prece cosmica" also but I decided to go for the chiller thing. So many cuts on that album! I'm bummed you don't have the 2nd, I was hoping to cop it from you when im in SF later this month (though I have read it is not as consistent.) Have you seen this youtube lipsynch of "sangue latino" here?

the ambassador said...

I have a two-fer CD with both of the first albums - remind me and I can rip it for you when you come down. Any chance you'll be here for the INCREDIBLE Alameda Flea Market, September 7th? many a record to be copped.

Josh Nice said...

rad theme. title made me laugh.

the verocai LP has some crazy good fluteage.

the ambassador said...

just saw this over at Loronix . . . http://loronix.blogspot.com/2008/08/challenge-what-is-this-group-and-who.html

i love how the guy in the foreground is wearing a boyscout uniform from Lancaster, PA!

like when I was in very southern, rural Rio Grande do Sul and saw a dude wearing a "Wu Tang Clan" t-shirt