Saturday, August 16, 2008

Marcos Valle: Outras Vozes

I've been meaning to do a Marcos Valle post for quite some time as he is still my reigning favorite Brazilian artist (sorry Tim, close second.) Allen has already blogged about some of his excellent later work here. Marcos and his brother lyricist Paulo Sergio worked with a laundry list of influential musicians in Brazil: Azymuth, Som Imaginario, O Terco, Deodato, basically just about everyone in this fertile scene. They worked a lot! Its well known that the Valle brothers also did a number of film and television sound tracks as well including of course the Brazilian Sesame Street, Vila Sesamo. They also did a few soap operas including this one here:

Marcos Valle - Os Ossos do Barao
Betinho - Chega de Enganar a Nega
I got this album off of Ebay for a great price. It was one of those deals where I happened to do a "Marcos Valle" search about ten minutes after someone clueless in Minnesota posted it as a buy it now. Lucky. Of course I impulse bought it unheard and though it certainly could have been funkier, I've enjoyed it quite a bit. This first song is Marco's only vocal contribution to the album but he and Paulo Sergio wrote all of it. As for the second track, I really don't know much at all about Betihno except he seemed to confine himself mostly to soundtrack material. A good score in any case.

Emilio Santiago - La Mulata
A groover from one of Brazil's most skilled interpreters Emilio Santiago. This album has it all: the Jorge Ben jam, the Joao Donato jam, and here, the Marcos Valle jam. Truly a must have!

Deodato - Adam's Hotel
Mellowing out now here's a Valle contribution to a US Deodato album. I happen to know this LP is an Ambassador fav, as he recommended it to me several times over the years. I had picked it up in like 2001 for fifty cents and slept on it forever until Allen hooked me up with a nice cd rip of it - its full of jams! (Also the Donato/Deodato album which for some reason I had assumed was cheese - its not.) Beauty.

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