Friday, August 01, 2008

Spooky Italian funk - Goblin

I was working on a Giorgio Moroder post this morning but was unfortunately interrupted by some slightly gnarly dental work I had scheduled in the early afternoon. When I got back, I woozily listened the material I intended to post but was kind of no longer feeling it... not in a dancing mood anymore I guess. When I'm at the dentist, I ALWAYS listen to music, loudly, to distract myself and while shuffling one of these songs came on today. Goblin is an Italian prog band, which makes them interesting enough already but they also devoted themselves almost entirely to film soundtracks. Their work and the work of horror director Dario Argento are intertwined and the best way to enjoy Goblin is while watching one of his excellent films. The image above is from the 1977 film Suspiria, but the two songs below happen to be from the 1975 film Profundo Rosso. I got these off a cd compilation called "The Fantastic Voyage of Goblin - The Sweet Sounds of Hell." There's plenty more amazing stuff on there, I could post half the CD!

Goblin - Profundo Rosso Yeah, this is the jam. It certainly was sweet relief when they were drilling on my teeth. The spookiness gets me... during the procedure I actually did a mini fist pump half unconsciously in the dentist chair when the organ comes in. A real orchestral headbanger.

Goblin - Death Dies This is definitely more soundtrack-y but kind of shows what they are capable of. I love a band that can get in your head a little bit... this group is certainly a mind trip.

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