Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Tough Guy

Title Theme "Tough Guys" - Isaac Hayes
I'm not gonna pretend like I'm a huge Ike Hayes fan, but with his passing over the weekend it reminded me of one of my favorites of his that doesn't get too much attention. Hayes really does have a knack for soundtrack work . . . He might just be the best of the best when it comes to setting a cinematic scene with his bass-heavy, string-laden compositions. "Title Theme" from the film Tough Guys is just one example of this gift of his. Tarantino used the song in Kill Bill vol. 2 during Uma Thurman's training sequence as well as the closing credits. It was actually this movie that prompted me to give this single a second spin.

If you want a more thorough look at the career, covers, and capers of Isaac Hayes, O-Dub over at Soul-Sides.com has got it goin' on.

On a final note, according to wikipedia Doug E. Fresh and Isaac Hayes made an album together a few years back extolling the values of Scientology. The album is called, "The Joy Of Creating - The Golden Era Musicians And Friends Play L. Ron Hubbard" and one of Doug E.'s lyrics goes as follows:

Let me tell you something.
Wax enthusiastic and you'll feel so.
A being causes his own feelings.
It's the Joy Of Creating. Uh!".

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Morgan said...

Very nice. I wanted to do a tribute as well, but lacked the jams so I'm glad you were able to come though with this one...