Monday, June 02, 2008

California Dreaming

Only two days left on the job, an apartment to pack and a wedding to go to and then we're off . . . California bound!

The Four Tops - California Dreaming
I know this is an obvious song for this moment, but this Four Tops version takes it in new directions with a kinda somber dirge-like plodding pace. The more I listen to this version, the more I love it. Especially the intro . . . I wonder which "top" sings those first lines, "All the leaves are brown . . ."

Eyes on the Prize - The Holland Tunnel

Holland Tunnel - John Phillips
This has become Jamie and my theme song as of late as we think about finishing everything: wrapping up our jobs, packing up the apartment, saying goodbye to friends and finally hitting the road.
You can tell that John Phillips was trying to tap into a bit of that magic that made California Dreaming such a monstrous hit and while this song falls short of that original ode to westward travel, it is a marvelous song that kinda tells anothe side of the story that you hear in "Dreaming." With two days left on the job and the apartment to pack on Wednesday, for Jamie and I , all we need to do is "drive through that Holland Tunnel . . ."

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