Friday, June 20, 2008

Tony Valor and Touch part one

Tony Valor - singer, producer, DJ, manager, engineer and apparently a NYC cop for a while, he certainly made his mark on disco music. For one thing he was buddies with disco remixer number one Tom Moulton, forming T.N.T. productions with him. He had hits both with his scions Fantasy, Soccer, and Jeanne Napoli as well as under his own name with the Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra. Early in his producing career he also put together an album by a little band called Touch that was released on Brunswick in 1977. Here are a couple of jams off their debut "Energizer"

Touch - Everyday is Just Another Day This one gets stuck in my head a lot. Its bubbly dark rhodes and slow funk guitar plus the kind of depressing lyrics really set the tone for this band.

Touch - You Don't Know (how to do the hustle) More of the ubiquitous rhodes. This song was released under a different title with a different vocalist in a slightly earlier version I will post over the weekend.

Touch - Love Hangover (breaking down) Breaking down indeed! This instrumental version of the classic is the reason most people would want to own this album. I first heard it on Dmitiri from Paris's "Disco Forever."

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