Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Roger part two: Computer Love

ROGER!! When The Ambassador's brother and I used to cruise around in his truck, I would always insist we listen to his "Best of Roger (and Zapp)" tape. It basically had most of the first Zapp album and about half of the first solo Roger album. Also "Computer Love." So solid. My punk roommate walked by and sort of rolled his eyes when he saw me doing my fist pump thing while recording Computer Love earlier today. I hadn't given it a spin in a number of months so I can be forgiven for getting into one of my favorite songs. This cut sounds a bit dated, I know, but its Roger at his purest (and smoothest.) It's a "remix" of the original which means its shorter and sort of punchier. (Actually its pretty different.) If anyone likes I would be happy to provide the instrumental of this song which is probably about the least non-vocal instrumental version I've ever heard. From the "A Brand New Maxi Single IV U" 12".

Zapp - Computer Love (remix) This is one of those "mixtapes for ladies" songs for me (for better or worse.) Despite some serious willpower and desire, I'm sorry to say I've never quite been able to rock this one at a party... We'll get there.

The Human Body - Make You Shake It Now for something slightly more danceable... a much, much later incarnation of Roger and the Human Body! Its from 1984!! Actually Roger's name has been dropped from the band title although he still retains a producing credit (and some artistic control presumably.) It kind of sounds a lot like Zapp, not a bad thing

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sabina said...

Computer Love really made my day!