Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Roger Saga Continues: Dick's Initial thrust

I've been meaning to post some lesser-known Roger Troutman joints, but got held up trying to rip Shirley Murdock's 1986 album.
So, instead we're gonna give you two of my favorite cuts from another Troutman side project, Dick Smith's "Initial Thrust." This is kinda a weird project in that it comes off like a early-eighties version of jazz/soul vocalist album in the style of Lou Rawls in the mid-sixties on Capitol. Dick is a real interpreter of songs and on this, his only album, he tackles mostly cover tunes with a few Troutman-penned tunes squeezed in. The covers are WAY better, in my opinion, than the originals and they all have that Roger touch . . . that "more bounce" BOOM-CLAP.

Dick Smith - Tobacco Road
This opening track from Dick's album screams Roger from the first drum-kick. I've never really gotten into this old war-horse of a song until this version. Dick really rips into it by the end.

Dick Smith - Long and Winding Road
THIS is my jam! I know its smooth with those muted trumpets and tender beat, but not since Clapton re-did Layla has a cover version turned a song on its head. This album was Dick Smith's first AND last "thrust."

. . . over to you Morgan. Do it roger!

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Monque said...

Oh shit -- i got this one yeeears ago, there were like 5 of 'em sealed somewhere and i bought a couple thinking it was going to be some killer lost Roger shit.

But I listened to it a couple times, wasn't really feeling it and sold one/put one away, thinking someday in the future I may listen to it again... and now I'll go dig it out and do just that.