Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It ain’t cool to be no jive turkey this close to Thanksgiving

Download: Guitarra

So, I've been a bit AWOL lately because of the turkey-day festivities with my family in town and all. Well, all but a visiting friend have headed back to the best coast and instead of getting back to posting and other more pressing duties, I've been passing out at any moment of downtime, like last night immediately after dinner. So, here's a quick post to whet your aural pallate until I can get a full post up.

The song here is the one killer jam from a ridiculously obscure Brazilian soundtrack. The soundtrack is to a homegrown rip-off of Jaws, called "Bachalau" which means COd, but to give it a more snappy feel they called it "Bacs." Peep the description here. They did manage to release a rip-off movie in the same year that the original came out. That's not bad.

Beto Strada is a professional musician that has worked on over 40 feature length Brazilian films. This record sells for some serious cheddar, like 150 euros according to this site. I saw this record on one of my very first record digs in Brasil. I was living in the neighborhood of Pinheiros in Sao Paulo and came across a record store called "Eric Discos." Once the store attendant released there was a gringo looking for rare records in the store, Eric was called over from his house down the block. Eric, an older British gentleman has been living in Brasil for decades and has owned this shop for over 28 years. While I was down there he had just opened a used book store further down the street. Eric invited me into his home and showed me some records he had for sale. The "Bacs" record was not for sale, but part of his expansive collection of soundtracks, Eric's personal passion. Check out this podcast about 9:30 in to hear some british dudes (not sure who, but they all sound like Gilles Peterson) talking to Eric.

The track here is courtesy of Zeca over at Loronix who sent me this album after simply asking if he had it. The album has never been posted on Loronix, nor should it because aside from this track, it's pretty crappy. Thanks Zeca!

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