Monday, November 19, 2007

Another classic Brasilian LP up on Loronix

Dom Salvador is an important figure in Brazilian music despite his relatively small output as a band leader. At first he came to prominence as a bossa-jazz trio leader, releasing a handful of firey albums during the mid-to-late sixties. What happened next was a bit unprecendented. His self-titled album from 1969 (pictured below) was still a small band album, but the songs on this album belied a strong R&B style, but still retained some jazzy touches. The next album, which featured reworkings from Dom's previous album, would find Dom diving deep into the R&B scene not only in sound, but in style. Check the picture of Dom on the cover of "Som, Sangue e Raca." He's the one on the far right looking like a psychedlic farmer. This next album is one of the keystones of Brazilian Soul and Funk music. It's a monster. Oberdan Magalhes, later to gain fame as the leader of Banda Black Rio, is one of many young Black Brazilians playing on this landmark album. This would be the last album Dom recorded under his own name in Brazil. He recorded one solo album for Muse in the US in 1976 and has guested on many others and only recently started recording again under his own name. You can find his newest recordings and his website here.

Go check it out at Loronix, drop a note to thank the unstoppable Zeca who runs the site and if you're in New York you can even stop by and catch Dom Salvador playing piano at either the Water Club or at the River Cafe in Brooklyn. I went by the Water Club for a drink in the past year and sure enough, Dom is there playing standards and originals for the people at the bar and the tables near by. He's a really nice guy and was a bit shocked for me to be talking to him about his old Brazilian albums.

Visit Loronix here to download Dom Salvador's classic "Som, Sangue e Raca"