Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Say "Prisencolinensinainciusol" Five Times Fast

I think this fine tune was the first victory for my iphone eBay application. As my buddy Atsushi as my witness, this 45 was won while enjoying happy hour at the Argus. Thanks to Klaudia and Brigham for putting this tune (& video) in my headlights. This tune is just one of the strangest specimens of global pop culture. As the story goes Adriano Celentano is something like Italy's Elvis with a similar two-pronged music and film approach. He was also a skilled gyrator of the hula hoop.

This song was written and performed with his wife, Claudia Mori an actress turned record producer. Adriano suggests that the song is about "incommunicability" and to drive this point home they crafted lyrics that sound like English, but rarely make any sense beyond a couple linked words. Check out the video below that attempts to transcribe the lyrics:

The song is clearly bizarre, but the relentless beat, boomeranging horn stabs and growling guitars make it a freaky dancefloor classic. On top of that, the TV production looks like it was Fellini's attempt to choreograph and direct a classic 50s Elvis movie dance number. There might only be like 12 dancers, but thanks to the well positioned mirrors, it might as well be a google plus 1. The original version is from an Italian TV show. The actual song starts 1:15 in to the clip. If you want to watch it without the subtitles, here ya go:

Being an Italian pop star, naturally Adriano had to do a house remix.

Adriano Celentano - Prisencolinensinainciusol
Here's the original 45 version. The flip is called "Disc Jockey" and is basically the same song, utilizing that same fantastic crunching beat set against horn stabs and snarling guitars.

Adriano Celentano - Prisencolinensinainciusol (GW Ruff Edit)
And this is a great extended, re-edited and re-imagined version by legendary UK DJ Greg Wilson.


Shell10 said...


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Josh Nice said...

thanks for the spam, michelle. anyway, i was going to say that they just played this "prisencolinesinainciusol" song on WNYC to end a segment on bilingualism.

Shell10 said...

Hey Josh,

Spam? Isn't that canned precooked meat? ;-)


:) :D :)

Federico Donelli said...

Thanks for the post, yes Celentano was certainly one of the most famous singer here in Italy during the 60's and 70's: he started his career in the 50's as an italian clone of Elvis Presley.

Fellini and Elvis wise, Check out his appearence in "La Dolce Vita":

The Director of the TV show with those magnificent scenography was Antonello Falqui.

Greetings from LONGO