Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free Pass #2: Ned Doheny

It's been a long time coming getting back to this "reoccurring series", but let me assure you it's well worth the wait. For those of you who aren't familiar with the concept, there exists a cadre of caucasian-persuasion musicians that Stevie Wonder might inaccurately refer to as his soul brother or sister. In other words, they pass for Black sonically. They also qualify if they're known to be White, but are nonetheless adored by the darker than blue demographic. Some examples: Phil Collins or Average White Band. Actually, tt was thanks to those pale Scottish soul-ders that I learned of Soul Spectrum's second ever Free Pass recipient.
Ned Doheny's 62nd birthday was just a few days ago (March 26th) as I found out just now doing some research. He was born on Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills, CA the grandson of oil tycoon Edward L. Doheny. Like many children of privilege of the time, Ned became a hippie. A Laurel Canyon hippie, to be exact. Ned was part of the extended Asylum records/David Geffen family as you can see from the photo above (from left to right: Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Cass Elliot, David Geffen & Ned Doheny: Venice, California, Easter Sunday, 1972)

As you can see from the photo, David & Ned were close. David's recently minted Asylum Records signed Ned as the very first artist and Ned's self-titled LP came out in 1973. I haven't heard that one yet, but I understand its more in that Laurel Canyon hippie-country style (this blog sure seems to like that kinda stuff). And finally, we get back to the Average White Band story . . . so Hamish Stuart, the falsetto crooning AWB songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is out in L.A. and starts writing songs with Ned. Ned's next album on CBS from 1976 featured the quiet storm classic "A Love of Your Own" which Average White Band also recorded. Ned recorded a follow-up for CBS in 1977, but the label only released the album, "Prone" in Japan in 1979. The single from that album, "To Prove My Love", was released more widely on 12" and 7" formats. A friend recently told me that the legendary DJ David Mancuso of "The Loft" parties played the 12" at the 40th anniversary of the "Love Saves the Day" party.

Ned Doheny - Give it Up for Love
Ned Doheny - A Love of Your Own
Ned Doheny - I've Got Your Number

Ned Doheny - To Prove My Love


Josh Nice said...

Funny you say "quiet storm", because he's even got the same album art as the Leon Ware (& Marcos Valle) LP you featured with this same sound. And isn't there another LP with that art and sound?

This dude would be a great SS interview!

Josh Nice said...

Whoa this guy was big in Japan, judging from the eBay results. Lots of mid-80's CDs with "obi".

Basto said...

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phlaco said...

Great post!

I've heard his debut album a few times and i really recommend it if you get a copy of it. "On and on" and "I know sorrow" are two great tracks you can find on the album.

Hillary said...

Thought you'd like to know that Ned Doheny is playing a special holiday concert tonight, December 17 at the legendary Westwood Music, 8 PM. Only $15. Reservations recommended. It will be a great show. (310) 478-4251 or westwoodmusic.com.

Thanks for your blog! Laurel Canyon artist series. Love it!