Sunday, January 17, 2010

Digging in Brazil, Part 2: Samba da Preguiça Mix

The Ambassador - Samba da Preguiça Mix, January 2010
New mix from The Ambassador. All selections original and recently acquired by yours truly on my most recent trip to Brazil. Of particular note are the live-in-studio spots from Vinicius & Erasmo at the beginning and Paulinho da Viola at the end. This one and the Zeca do Trombone e Roberto Sax are the only records with more than one track featured. Enjoy!


Josh Nice said...

What the hell is that "Bahia, Morena" song in English, the one with the big band? It sounds like he wandered drunk into the vocal booth by accident and nobody gave him any headphones. And the big band arrangement sounds like it was done by a high school kid. I like it.

Josh Nice said...

hung with timon and keely and oona over the weekend and dug this mix. you were missed. jfc

michellejaffe said...

Is there any way you could post the track listing please?