Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Prelude to a Return: Clara Nunes Videos

We got back from our Honeymoon on Sunday and I've been suffering from some form of airplane bug combined with jet lag ever since. I'm planning on ripping some of my recently acquired gems, but before I get to that I have to share with you this great DVD I picked up that's blowing my mind as I type this. It's not that it's particularly good, because it's not. But if your idea of Brazil is shaped by the images and sounds you digest by way of the Bossa Nova scene, Tropicalia movement or through the marquee MPB stars like Milton, Elis and Chico, then this video will give you a completely different view on Brazil.

Having just returned from there, I can concur that life is one way in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and everywhere else life it's another. Watching videos of the Tropicalia gang doing their thing, you might think you were watching something from Europe, but in comparison this Clara Nunes DVD makes Brazil seem closer to the Third World than the Old World. The production value often resemble vintage Karaoke videos, but these O.G. singa-long clips from the 70s and early 80s were likely made outside of the two metropolises and they featured almost exclusively non-white Brazilians.

Then there's Clara herself who is clearly of mixed race and showcases her Candomble religion proudly often wearing a white dress and African beads. Her voice is powerful and mesmerizing. Oh and did I forget to mention she's simultaneously sexy and intimidating in a Amazon woman kind of way?

Nearly every Clara Nunes album is great as she was one of the most consistent Sambistas of the 70s revival era along with Martinho da Vila and Paulinho da Viola. According to she was responsible for breaking open the popular female samba singer role for other classic female samba singers such as Beth Caravalho and Alcione.

Check out this killer LIVE clip (sadly, not enough of these on the DVD) with Sivuca killing it on accordeon on this funky forró cut:
Clara Nunes with Sivuca - Feira de Mangaio

Here are two more great ones, but unfortunately I couldn't grab the embed code, so you have to watch 'em on youtube:


Morena de Angola

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Party Djays said...

I really love this tune "Morena de Angola", composed by Chico Buarque.
In fact i own one original 7'' of it.
You are absolutely right Brazil is not Europe or America or even Africa... Brazil Is something else.
But we love it.

Kind Regards from Portugal