Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail to the Teeth?

On this momentous day I figured I would share a little song about perhaps our last progressive and visionary president, Jimmy Carter. Sure, everyone seems to love Bill Clinton from the rear-view mirror, but when you really look at Clinton's legacy he wasn't that much different than his republican predecessors. Carter warned us about the oncoming energy crisis and was laughed out of the white house for installing solar panels and opting to wear a sweater rather than turn up the thermostat.

I wonder where Obama is looking for inspiration on his first official day in office.

District of Columbia - Hail to the Teeth (Disco Mix)
This is kinda like a predecessor to the Rappin' Duke style of rhyme flow and it clearly precedes hip-hop in general, but if this guy ain't rappin', I'm not sure what he's doin'.

It's only a short bit in the middle of this video, but clearly its now open season on Obama impersonations thanks to Jamie Fox.

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