Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's September . . .

They say that September is one of the best months in the city of San Francisco, following on the heels of the city's chilly summer months. It doesn't quite look like the picture above, but that image was taken from the California Department of Motor Vehicles' calendar.

September is one of my favorite months, partly because I was born in it. The 30th to be exact. The day that all of the summer sweepstakes end . . . "Offer good until 09/30" . . . you've all seen it before. I must not be the only one because there are a surprising number of songs featuring this special month in the title or lyrics. One of my favorites I decided not to post because it's just too ubiquitous . . . Earth, Wind & Fire's "September". I did pull out a few gems that speak to the back-to-school, leaves-turning, end-of-summer, not-quite-cold-but-getting-there vibe that makes September so "sweet", in the words of The Honor Society.

Johnnie Taylor - It's September
One of my favorite jams from this classic Stax singer. This is from his 1974 album with the horrible name and cover. In my opinion, it's the guitar line that makes the song and gives it that slightly nostalgic feel that is somewhat intrinsic to the month of September.

The Honor Society - Sweet September
This is a rare one. I found this on the second Ademir compilation called "La Bateau Ao Vivo 1 1/2". I wasn't able to find an image of the band, their records, or even of the Ademir comp, so I substituted an Ademir logo for an image. This sold on eBay recently as part of a large 45 lot for over $50. Wish I had bid now . . . This single NEVER shows up. Funky rock like only the Brazilian DJ Ademir Lemos can find!

Deodato - September 13
I know we're a couple days early, but what a treat for those of you who will check this on Saturday! This is one of the better album tracks from Deodato's US debut. My friend Hugh put this on one of his tapes he gave me following the inspirational vibe of "sleazy funk". Not sure the significance of the date, but sounds like a perfect soundtrack to city strutting in the month of September.


Thomas said...

Yo, I've got that Ademir compilation (which is amazing and has some really fresh gatefold art). I'll try to post some pics when I get a chance this weekend. As a fellow child of September, thanks for the tracks!

the ambassador said...

hey thomas,

yeah, all of those Ademir LPs have really cool artwork - super deluxe with the gatefold etc. Lemme know once you've posted them somewhere. - allen

Thomas said...

I've got a few photos of the Ademir comp now up. Feel free to post them here if you want:

the ambassador said...

Thanks Thomas for the image of the Ademir Comp. Thomas has some other great images from this comp, such as the gatefold "centerfold" that has an anatomical drawing of Ademir showing off his peculiar internal organs, such has is his fingers which are used for choosing records and his liver which is for processing whiskey.

thebeathunters said...