Thursday, September 18, 2008

Herbie at 45

Jazz isn't really a format that lends itself well to single-ness. Of course what the no introduction necessary Herbie Hancock was doing in the late 70s and 80s isn't really considered jazz at all - at least not by those who consider themselves strictly jazz fans. Whatever, we're not really into labels anyways. What we are into is synthesizers, and so is Herbie. Although he had already used them very extensively on earlier 70s fusion work like "Sextant" and "Mwandishi," its these largely unwelcome post V.S.O.P. recordings that really set the stage for his like, fourth or fifth commercial golden era in the eighties working with the likes Bill Lazwell and GrandMixer D.St. Check him out on the rear of the first album in the series, "Sunlight." Definitely a harbinger of things (synths!) to come.

Herbie Hancock - Stars in Your Eyes This was also released as a 12" that goes for a lot because it is a special extended version unavailable anywhere else. More bubbly synths. I'm personally happy to own just the 7... it fits in well with a 7 inchers only set and the brevity is a refreshing even in a slightly neutered way.

Herbie Hancock - I Thought it was You This was also released on 12" and its also a tough one to find. Fortunately the album and 7" are quite a bit more common... I got both of these singles for a dollar each. Not that I wouldn't pick up either one if I saw them, but come on, do you really need 12 minute versions of these tracks?


Steve said...


What a coincidence- I've been looking everywhere for the 45 single version of 'Chameleon', which I heard (and saw) Don Cornelius play on a 1973 rerun of 'Soul Train' a few weeks ago- it sounded great!

I read that this (super-edited) version has never made it onto a CD- would you happen to have a 7" you could post as another example of 'Herbie at 45'?

Thanks, and thanks for the great blog and for sharing the music.

soulbrotha said...

The 12" version of this song was included on the BBE compilation "Strange Games and Funky Things Vol. 3".

However you are in luck because the full version was posted here for download:

Enjoy and of course, show the blogger some love. :)

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