Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Disco Monster #1

So far I've laid low when it's come to my disco predilictions, but I can't hold it in any longer. I firmly believe that disco music is the best music ever made for dancing. Now, I'm no prize-winning dancer (though there was that one time at Marisa Rogoway's bapmitzvah in 8th grade . . .), but I do love dancing to great music and personally I've found that classic disco is my favorite music to dance to. It's got the predictable, yet funky beat, great vocal arrangements, extended percussion breakdowns and the spirit of disco is exactly the spirit that I try to tap into when shaking my thang: a certain devil-may-care debauchery and self-indulgence. The music was meant to be carefree and somewhat disposable, but its sole purpose was to make people dance. It's simple, it's beautiful and it worked and still works.

Brenda & the Tabulations - Let's Go All The Way (Down)
To start off the "Disco Monster" series, we have a recent addition to my crates, a song by Brenda & the Tabulations produced by a handful of classic disco producers: John Davis, Norman Harris & Bobby Eli. Eli wrote the song here, so I'll assume he also produced it. It's our first "Disco Monster" because of its stomping groove, killer vocals (especially the disco-chant hook at the beginning) and sexy subject matter . . . "all the way down" where? Oh yeah!

In the process of making this post, I found another blog I like called "Disco Delivery" where they also posted on this album, so stop by and check them out for all of you out there who aren't allergic to 4/4 beats and dancing . . .

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