Monday, February 11, 2008

Boogie Brasiliero

DJ Set: the ambassador - Boogie Brasileiro

This is my first trepadatious divulgence of my Disc Jockey skills . . . I got this really cool little device awhile back called iKey, which processes an analog signal into a digital recording which goes on a USB flash drive. You can use it to record just about anything and I use it to also record my records at home. I had some failed attempts at recording previous DJ sets, but for whatever reason it worked really well the other night at my friend Yasha's (aka Eleonore) farewell party. She loves her some Brazilian music and I was happy to oblige, so herein you have a 80 minute mix of Brazilian soul, funk, samba, pop and whatever else I brought in my gig bag.

The recording is far from perfect, but its very listenable and there are no embarrassing mixes or transitions. There ARE however the occasional tunrtable bump from an overly enthusiastic dancer and some general rumbles here and there from some serious dancefloor vibrations!

Enjoy and no, a track list will not be provided, but I imagine many of these songs will find their way onto the site before too long.

allen aka the ambassador


latadezinc said...

top stuff thanks so much for sharing

deiafix said...

dude, you rock! you know i'm jealous of your set. ;)

isaac said...

i'm in singapore, i'm in brazil. life is good. thanks for hooking it.