Monday, January 28, 2008

I Woke Up With This Song In My Head

Hyldon from the back cover of his first album
Do you ever have that when a song just pops in your head. Maybe it's just a refrain, a snatch of chorus or possibly just a horn part or a nifty drumbeat, but it squirms into your subconscious and goes to seed until you are able to identify and either deliberately purge it from your brain or set it free with repeat listening.

Hyldon - Estrada Errada
That's what happened with this great Hyldon song while I was travelling a few weeks ago in Thailand. One day this song was just in my head and surprisingly it's not a song I know particularly well. Luckily I had the song on my Ipod, so I sat down and gave it a few repeat listens and it really holds up.

The song is about being on the "wrong road" in a relationship and how he knows he's on this wrong road and that he really wants to be happy in life, but he can't see a way out. You'd think the song would be kinda a dirge-like sad bastard lament, but it's tone is undeniably upbeat and celebratory. I keep running across 1970s funky Brazilian tunes that feel like they should be on the ending credits of a really heart-warming movie. This is one of them.

Like our friend Cassiano, Hyldon is one of the mid-level Brazilian Soul/Funk soldiers that influenced and was influenced by Tim Maia. Also like Cassiano, he doesn't have the best voice, but he can write some fantastic songs that are often covered by others like brother Tim. On this, his second, album he is backed by members of Brazilian jazz-funk giants Azimuth/Azymuth. Don't sleep on Hyldon and lets hope you get this song stuck in your head for at least a little while . . .

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