Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Pity the Foo' Who Eats From My Cookie Jar

I wanna give a shout out to my brother Charlie for turning me on to this song, Cookie Jar, originally by Fuzzy Haskins of the P-Funk crew. The song is a great, slow funky jaunt that starts off normal like he's just trying to mack on some girl he met, but then that chorus comes in, "I don't know what to do witcha when I getcha, put you in my cookie jar, save you for a rainy day," all of a sudden this ain't your normal love song.

It begs a few questions:

1) Who actually uses a cookie jar?
2) What else are you keeping in your cookie jar aside from young women?
3) Do you only eat "cookies" on rainy days?

Fuzzy Haskins - Cookie Jar
The song first saw the light of day on Fuzzy's 1976 album on Westbound, "A Whole Nother Thang." I'm imagining the song-writing process went something like this: Fuzzy moves to a new house and notices a fine-ass neighbor that he thinks about getting with. Being a P-Funk soldier that tours regularly he doesn't have normal stuff like couches, rugs or dishes . . . all he has is a cookie jar in his new house. Cookie Jar. Woman. Idea: Put the woman IN the cookie jar! And there we have it, a song is born.

Parlet - Cookie Jar
Later another P-Funk franchise, Parlet, put the song on their 1978 album "Pleasure Principle."

Prince - Cookie Jar
At some point the great purple one decided to make a go of it and recorded it, but never officially released it and to this day it is one of the few cover songs he's ever recorded - seriously, try to think of five songs Prince has covered on record or live . . . there are bulletin boards aplenty documenting it. It's a strange song, but a goodie and it's cool to see that others pick up on the weirdness of the chorus and the down-right funkiness of the song structure.

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