Friday, August 19, 2011

August 17th Soul Spectrum Radio Show with special guest: DJ Sureshot

Shane Hunt aka DJ Sureshot graced The Soul Spectrum with his presence on today's show, playing some cuts from his new Good Look EP. Sureshot talks a bit about what it takes putting out your own record DIY-style, but that's not to say this release looks or sounds like your stereotypical DIY project. Freddy Anzures of Props pitches in on the visual design and DJ Sureshot's production rivals anything else out there today on the hip-hop beat-making side as well as the nu-funk production that seems to be thriving these days.

One thing that he said that I thought was interesting was Sureshot's approach to beat-making, blurring the lines between Hip-Hop, Psych and Funk, "To me it doesn't matter what genre it is, I'm still gonna approach every song in the same way."

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You can get "Mr. Fortune & Fame" his first single from the EP featuring Mighty Pope on Dustygroove.

Listen to the entire hour-long radio show here:

You can download the show here.


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