Thursday, November 19, 2009

Argentinian Fire From Egle Martin

I picked up this rare 7" single in Curitiba, Brazil back in 2004 at a record store run by a very nice dude named Julio. I was buying a fair bit of stuff so he just sorta threw it in as a bonus and because it was a Uruguayan (turns out its an Argentinian record - I could be wrong again but it would appear that Egle's from Argentina, but the band is from Uruguay - correct me if you know differently) record he wasn't even sure what it was worth. It's since become a favorite of mine and a few friends I've shared it with.

But then last night I dropped it in my set at Dalva (word up, Toph One) and it became the clear runaway hit of the night. I'll be scanning the cover and uploading for all to see, but here are the two tracks, both great, but the intro to the first one is so dramatic and jazzy . . . then the smokin' latin beat drops!

Egle Martin - Dombe BariloEgle Martin - El Dombe

There's an Argentine pressing here on eBay.
This is what that eBay seller had to say about the record:
Egle Martin (a.k.a. La Negra) was sorta like La Lupe from the south of the southern hemisphere. She was deeply involved into the Afro-Latin American culture, and especially the underground Uruguayan and Brazilian scene (experiencing the Bossa and Candomble, often with her Brazilian friends, Maysa and Luiz Eca, among others, and skilled Uruguayan musicians). The Dombe was a rhythm inspired by the afro-Uruguayan Candomble, of her own creation, which also mixes American Funk, Boogaloo and Latin Jazz. Dombe Barilo is a KILLER track in its own right, with those fantastic bongo drums, brass sections, horn arrangements, funky bass-n-drums, plus Egle's vibrant manner of singing, with some lush and intense scat vocal in parts. El Dombe, is the track which gives its name to the rhythm, and is equally good. Both tracks have cool lyrics, and they mainly refer to the dance, and this rhythm.


Josh Nice said...

b-side wins again. nice find!

Jur said...

Thes tracks are abolutely brilliant.


Simon666 said...

sounds great, thanks!

JackRamon said...


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P. said...


Thanks for sharing.

Simon Lefleur said...

Killer tracks indeed. Egle was born in Argentina. She was also an actrees and is still active!!

Slim Jenkins said...

"El Dombe" is the realness!

gustavo said...

im a friend of egle i would like to get in contact cause she doesnt have those tracks and its very excited about it i leave you my email so we can be in contact trougth that and thanks for the words she is argetinian by the way !ja

gustavo said...

i talk to egle ! she is very excited with your words , and doest have those tracks ! im doing and article on girl if we can get in contact trougth

lest talk we really apreciate that

apalac said...

Great songs! I am Egle's daughter and I live in LA. You can see more of Egle's music in
and in
I am happy to say that she is really cool and loving and that I adore her!

the amBASSador said...

Wow, it's great to have some friends and family of Egle's post comments here. I have edited the post to correct my mis-statement that Egle is Uruguayan - She's from Argentina!

La Plume said...

I've found this 45 few month ago in an argentinian record store.

This songs still make the people dancing during my dj set.
One of best records :)

apalac said...

I would also like to tell you to that the whole band is Argetinian too. I know, Argentina is not always related to this type of music but there is very cool Jazz and more afro music than what you can imagine. She is very happy with all your attention to her music and wants me to tell you that she is active and performing now and that she is making people dance as much as she did then. Loves the article at Wax Poetics!
Alejandra (her daughter)

the amBASSador said...

Gustavo & Apalac, i just saw this come up on eBay and thought you might like to know: