Friday, September 18, 2009

A Trip Around Brasil - A New Brasil Mix

O Embaixador - Viagem Pelo Brasil
Just made this mix last night and it's far from perfect, but I think you might enjoy it. I started out with a few songs I was planning on including, but then it just kinda became a stream of consciousness style mix. Notable on this mix is the three-in-a-row Brasilian tunes by way of A&M records including some promo only Tamba Trio and Sergio Mendes. We also have some funky northeastern tunes, before delivering a dose of samba and then some Brasilian boogie before coming back home to samba. I might be convinced to create a track-list if enough people wanna know what's what. I hope you dig it.


Rob said...

nice mix! thanks for sharing. track list would be awesome.

carlo said...

yeah!great mix man!it would be great if you find time for the track list...

the amBASSador said...

Track list:

1) Pedrinho Rodrigues - "Cosa Nostra" (intro only)
2) Baiano e Os Novo Caetanos - "Nega" (intro only)
3) Antonio Carlos e Jocafi - Chamengo de Ina (single version)
4) Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - "For What It's Worth"
5) Tamba 4 - "California Soul" (promo only single)
6) Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77 - "The Crab" (promo only single)
7) MPB4 - "Expresso 2222" (single only)
8) Gilberto Gil - [I forget the name of the song, but its from the "Antologia do Samba-Choro" album from the late 70s]
9) Hector dos Prazeres Filho - "Canto do Negro" (Picture-sleeve EP I've never seen elsewhere)
10) Achados e Perdidos - "Carimbo do Amor" (7" single)
11) Medida Certa - "Saudades de Pernambuco"
12) Marku Ribas - "Balaiao da Nega"
13) Dicro - "Disco Voador" (intro only)
14) Azymuth - "Tamborim, Cuica, Ganza e Berimbau"
15) Orlandivo - "Um Abraco no Ben-Gil"
16) Jorge Mautner - "Samba Jambo"
17) Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77 - "Medley" (excerpt from Japan/Australia/UK-only '77 live album)
18) Brasa Brasil & Helena - "I Got To Bahia" (J.P. Massiera Discoid comp)
19) Marcos Valle - "Crickets Sing for Anamaria"
20) Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti - "Aleluia"
21) Dedé - "Sinceramente"
22) Os Tarantulas - "Melô do Aplauso"
23) Banda Black Rio - "Expresso Madureira"
24) Carlos Dafe - "De Alegria Raiou o Dia"
25) Chico Batera - "Yndaye"
26) Azymuth - "Maracana"
27) Elizio de Buzios - "Tamanqueiro"
28) Toquinho (with Jorge Ben) - "Carol, Carolina Bela"
29) João Nogueira - "not sure"
30) The Count Von Count - "Radio segment" (produced by noneother than David Axelrod!)

the amBASSador said...

sorry, skipped this one:

27 1/2) Peter Thomas - Afrikan Bossa

tim said...

This is an amazing mix. Hat's off to you, sir. Really killer stuff.

Funky-Soul-Vinyls said...

great blog!

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