Thursday, June 04, 2009

Peter Thomas Brasileiro

Not the German Peter Thomas, but the Brazilian organist. Sure, he looks old, white and decidedly un-funky, but listen for yourself. This guy made his name churning out 1960s organ dance records much like Ed Lincoln, but it wasn't until after he played keys for Tim Maia in the studio, that he really turned the funky corner.

The LP that these two tracks are drawn from is one of those impossible to google albums. It's obscurity is compounded by the artist sharing the same name with tens of thousands of other Peter Thomases, but also with a much more famous German Peter Thomas musician.

I might add a photo later if I can remember, but the cover to this one is awesome in that cheap-o photoshop style: an early 1970s keyboard, maybe an organ, floating in the deepest darkest space and the words: O Melhor do Peter Thomas (The Best of Peter Thomas). That's it. The whole album rules with these standout instrumental tracks leading the charge. The rest of the album is more samba flavored with that great female vocal chorus sound I love so much.

Peter Thomas - Afrikan Bossa

Peter Thomas - Pan-Latino


Quimsy said...

thx for the tunes, very nice indeed.

would love to hear the whole LP.

keep up the good work

nguoiduc said...


I just stumbled across your really nice blog and found this article about Peter Thomas very interesting. It's a truly fantastic record and ,IMHO, a masterpiece of brazlian music!

Since I own this record and since it is quite rare, I also wrote a short article about it, that also contains a download link to my vinyl rip of it. I wanted to share this with you!

nguoiduc said...

Sorry, forgot the link to the article!