Saturday, November 01, 2008

Election '08: Musical Shout-Outs, Part 4: To the Cynics

Just a few days away now from the most important election of most of our lifetimes. I don't think your political persuasion changes that fact. But is it really possible for a Black-American to get elected as the President. I for one surely hope so and deep down believe it's possible, but we won't know until Tuesday night, or if its close enough it might be a bit longer before anything's finalized. I'm also not ruling out some serious election fraud. I mean, really, it's been a HUGE factor in the last two presidential elections and seeing as McCain's using Karl Rove's people on his campaign why would we expect any less?

Syl Johnson - Is It Because I'm Black?
I wanna reassure you all that this song is merely a reality-check and in no way represents my opinion on the matter. But after listening to This American Life this afternoon and hearing life-long Democrats who are campaign on behalf of McCain, I can't help but wonder what is really motivating their political mutiny . . .

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