Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's a Stevie Thing . . .

I'm usually not one for Mash-ups but my man Ionic hooked me up with this one and when DJ Shuffle played it for me on my Ipod I nearly lost my cool. I also had never heard Odyssey's version of "Going Back To My Roots" that is mashed with Stevie's "Superstition" here. It works very nicely.

Team 9 - It's a Stevie Thing (Stevie Wonder vs. Odyssey mash-up)


Simon666 said...

you're right, that's a killer mashup, thanks!

Soul of Sydney said...

hey mate thanks for posting, this is a gem, do you mind if i use the post as part of an obama funk and soul tribute im doing? i will link any pages and you blog..

just doing a new podcast with some related funk tunes @


peace from Sydney Australia

the ambassador said...

blog on, brother. use all you want and please post a comment when you've posted it so that we can all check it out. - allen