Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some homework for my faithful readers . . .

when I'm not working as a non-profit fair trade vigilante, I like to dabble in music journalism. Over the course of the past few years I've written a handful of articles that have been published in Wax Poetics and the Fader. I've posted the Wax Poetics article as PDF in the left hand banner, or you can click on the links below to find them:

My first published article (in the U.S.):
"Also Sprach Deodato"
from issue 7 of Wax Poetics

"Black Rio: Brazilian Soul & DJ Culture's Lost Chapter"
from issue 16 of Wax Poetics

"Bossa's Boss: Joao Donato Steered Brazilian Music in New Directions"
from issue 22 of Wax Poetics

Next on the horizon are projects about Tim Maia, Os Mutantes and maybe Cal Tjader . . . stay tuned.

I will soon post my two articles from the Fader on Tim Maia's Racional phase and a profile on tropicalist Jorge Mautner. As you can see my writing specialty is Brazilian music and I know, I've been holding out on the brazilian tunes, but not for much longer . . .

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mojoknights said...

dude, your the man... I didnt know you wrote that article in waxpoetics. thats my favourite issue ever, i am still trying to find that damn tarantulas record!!
never mind the soul layzer...
check out my website, www.mojoknights.com and post my link if you like....i am not as hooked up as you, well connected in the us of a... i am sitting all by myself in little old switzerland. ps. i love your blog, i like the personal touches... peace brotha.